clean slate

I've been MIA from the computer for the past few days, but there is good reason. Alex and I have completely done a room makeover on her room. When I say makeover, I mean serious business. from paint to floors, we did a number on it. I must say it looks fabulous though! Something any 16 year old chicky would love.

It all started with the great Roxy bedding that Alex's mom got her for her birthday. The entire room stems from the awesome fun colors: pink, brown, orange, tan and white is the color scheme. It has a beachy, Hawaiian-y feel to it, complete with hibiscus flowers. We painted teh walls - I believe the color is Tropic orange...not peach! Please don't call it peach. I think it is the color of a push-up. No, not a bra, the ice cream! The other color is a rich, deep brown. The plan is to paint a large pink hibiscus flower in the center of the brown wall. I think it looks really great. She is using some of the wicker furniture that came from her Nana and Papa's house. I love that she wants to use. It's really pretty. We stripped carpet and rubber backing that been glued to the floor and we left the bare hardwood and added a chocolate brown area rug.

Anyway, Alex now has a clean slate for her room in fun, funky colors that definitely suit her personality. Now, she has to keep it clean (yeah right!). She is really growing up and I think getting rid of all her "kid-stuff" is a true sign of that.
Did I say how sore my body is from painting? OMG!!! I ache all over! I think that is a sign of my "maturity" level! ;) wink*wink!

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jeanie oliver said...

I am a "color" girl so peaches that are orange is great for me!
I also really like the camera angles