It is hard for me to describe - right now - at this time - within this week or two time period, how the dogwoods in bloom completely take my breath away. It is truly one of God's most spectacular moments of creation in my opinion. Yes, I love the ocean and sand covered beaches, the wonderful sparkly snow, waterfalls, along with a myriad of other beauties in nature, but I honestly don't think you can beat looking into the woods, especially when it is fresh, spring green, and seeing the pop of dogwoods in full, white, cotton-y bloom.
Maybe it is something that runs in my family, as my Granny and Mom both love dogwoods in bloom. I don't know, but I simply look forward to this time of year and long for it to linger on. I know the window of opportunity to view the splendor is shortlived, but I savor every moment of this natural masterpiece.

I took these photos Sunday, at Robert's (my uncle).

Did I have a couple of ticks? Well, yes.

Was it worth it? Of course.

Will I try to capture more dogwood pictures? Every chance I get.
Robert actually lives on my grandparents homeplace and these are actually the same dogwood trees that my Granny (and Pa, I'm certain) admired every Spring. This, of course, makes them even more splendid in my mind. These are especially cool nestled among the big pine trees that live right there on that spot on the farm.

On my drive to work in Melbourne I see a wonderful dogwood display. It is just hard to capture it in a single photo, it is just something one must see with one's own eyes.

I did try though...of course!


jeanie oliver said...

marvelous, once again, words and pics. you have inspired me, I'll think I'll try some pics from the road of the dogwoods. I am allowed to drive the mule!
I can imagine the uproar if I faint while driving it and crash. Eddy would be more concerned about his mule!!!

*kim* said...

:) Hope you survive the mule! I noticed the blooms are starting to disappear with the rains...still lots of beauty. Hope you captured some for yourself!