I scrapped!

Yea for ME! I decided I needed a little help so I went to the Color Combo challenge site and cranked out this layout of one of Alex's prom pics.

I also finished part of the SIStv March Style Phyle - "Go Green" that I've been wanting to do. I plan to send this cute "think green" bag to Brooke. She is very conscientious about recycling and not using the plastic shopping bags when grocery shopping, so I thought she would appreciate it.

I also did a couple more of the challenges from Elsie's 52 Week Challenge. I'm not completely caught up, but I'm closer.


Here is the description from the site:
I loved the blues, browns and oranges on Mellette's layout, so I decided to scraplift her color combination for my pages at the right. For this challenge, you can scraplift me or Mellette - or open up this book to any page and challenge yourself to scraplift the color scheme!Ok since everyone doesn't have the book, I'm gonna say that you should scraplift from any place that you want. A magazine, SIS, a challenge blog, whatever. Just scraplift a color combo from any layout that you like!Have fun!

I lifted the color from this ad. I loved the purple and green together.

I also did this one for week 13 - SCRAPLIFT A LAYOUT SHAPE, here is the description:

Danielle wanted this sun-shaped page to have an artsy, vibrant, funky feel to it. I love the high energy of her layout and decided to scraplift it. My layout isn't an exact sun shape, but look how I've started with a circle shape and then added ribbons and different patterns around the perimeter of my circle. For this challenge, look for a layout with a shap you love and challenge yourself to scraplift it.I realize that you can't see what she's talking about without the photos but I am including all of the prompts so you can get more of an idea. Have fun! GO!

I used a snowflake for my shape. Yes, it is a little lame-o, but I got it done and I love that picture of Alex from our big snow awhile back.

Wow! I did get something accomplished!

I also took several pictures today of the dogwoods that are in full bloom right now. My absolute favorites trees in the world. More later.


jeanie oliver said...

do you have a cricut(I think I spelled it right). I don't have all the nest stuff to make what I want to so I was wondering if you had one and if it would be worth investing in.
also, what is Amy's email-you can send it to me at
I wanted to tell her that I put her on my blog.

*kim* said...

I don't have the cricut...I'm more of a freehand/freestyle cutter myself. I do use a fiskars 12" cutter from wally world and I have to have my self healing mat and xacto knife, and a small set of cutterbee scissors. I do have friends that have the cricut and love it...just not worth the investment for me at this point.