Finally Friday!

I thought I would start this post off with a little some'in some'in for Jeanie. I snapped this photo of Amy tonight at Pizza Hut just for you dear. Sporting her new glasses...I think she looks rather smart!

Tonight was Walker's 9th Bday and they held a typical Pizza Hut Birthday party for him and several of his closest friends. Then Jennifer and Tony were brave enough to have all those little guys to their house for a sleepover.
Here are the guys; Cody, Tony and James hanging out before we ate.

Of course Alex was there and helping her "BFF Jennifer". Notice, there is no possible way to scoop neopolitan ice cream unless your tongue is slightly sticking out of your mouth. It's just one of those strange phenomenons that no one can explain. Seriously, Alex, you can try to play this off all cool and stuff, but we know you just cannot scoop neopolitan - or any flavor - ice cream, for that matter without the tongue...it's just not possible, even if you had a Pampered Chef scoop and not this cheapy one. Good try though, trying to play it off. You're real cute and all, but we see the proof up in that other photo.

We seriously think you are one of the coolest kids around and we are glad to share in your birthday celebration.


jeanie oliver said...

thank you -thank you
amy you look more like me all the time!
love ya
Aunt Jeanie

jeanie oliver said...

I used the pic of Amy on my site-many thanks