have not completely forgotten my blog...This picture represents me peeking in blogworld from time-to-time. I have been completely busy*consumed*stressed with the sewing project in my spare time, but I did want to share some prom-part-deux-pictures! Actually this is Alex while getting her fake eyelashes "installed" by big sis Brooke. We were so happy that Brooke came up to help Alex get ready for prom last Friday. This was the day after her home had a close call with the round of tornadoes that tore through Little Rock and central Arkansas. Thankfully, it was just that....close call. Here are more pictures: Note Brooke's new hairdo!


jeanie oliver said...

Kim and family
beautiful bunch of girls there.
did the false eyelashes stay on all night--I've never tried them.
I love Brooke's hair straight.

*kim* said...

Thanks Jeanie! :)
They did stay on...I was shocked. I guess they make them better than they use to!