WARNING - Major cuteness in this post

I promised the cute factor of my blog would greatly increase.

This was Molly's (and Alex's) first lead-in class.

Was it cold?

Was Taco (the horse) totally behaving?

Did they win?
Well, no, but they got fourth. :)

Were they darn cute?
HEEEELLLOOOOOO!!!! Definitely!

Were the pinpricked fingers and lack of sleep and raging fits worth it?
I suppose when I look at these pictures, it was every bit worth it!

Here is them actually coming in the arena at Searcy, White County Fairgrounds. Molly was so BiG acting! I thought Mom and Dad (Brandi & Marcus) were going to fall out, but she handled it well! Check out the little boy behind her with his pacifier! It was blue to match his shirt!!! :D

Now, I have to get a start on the other outfits...blah!


jeanie oliver said...

oh wow
I would have judged on cuteness factor! the shirts look great-was Amy there. whenever you can,will you sneak pics of her in your blogs--it makes me feel closer to all of you--keep up the good work

*kim* said...

no, Amy didn't go to that show. I will definitely try to get some new pics of Amy & Cody on there just for you! :D

(Amy if you're reading this - SMILE!)

kim brimhall said...

so adorable!!! thanks for dropping by...makes ME happy!