Another cute Prom pic

Had to post these new pictures that were taken during the Calico Rock prom that Alex attended with her bf Russell. I work with Russell's mom and she emailed these to me. I love the captions she gave them:
"We're so bored!"

"We're so into each other!"

Cute kids I think.

I actually did some scrapbooking last night before the big results show on Idol and it felt good just to cut & glue some stuff. I really didn't think much about it. I will post pictures later. Speaking of Idol...darn glad Ramielle finally left but was a little disappointed that Brooke was in the bottom 3! :(

Speaking of Brooke. It is my Brooke's 23rd birthday today! I say "my Brooke" not meaning she is really mine, just figuratively- she is my stepdaughter. Just wanted to clear that up. So proud of Brooke these days. She will be coming up tomorrow to help Alex get ready for Highland Prom. Still need shoes and hem in a dress - we're so with it! Found this pic from Brooke & Rob's wedding shower. Happy Birthday B! Heart you bunches! :)
I'm sure I'll have new photos to post after tomorrow.

I really want to thank those three of my readers/friends...(I have such a huge blog following, you know?) who left comments of encouragement. I realize: This too shall pass! Sometimes, though it helps to hear others who have the same lack of energy/mojo/creativity/etc., so I really appreciate it. :D

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