Yes, that is right...My scrapping/creative mojo is pretty non-existent this week. I'm just BLAH! I'm a little overwhelmed with sewing projects and some other scrappy projects that I've committed too, and therefore I don't really want to do ANY of it. Just a funk that I need to crawl out of. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...like suggest to me how I can add 2-3 more hours into my day!

This happens from time-to-time, but I really have to get out of it quickly. Alex's show outfits have to be done and I don't even have all the material purchased. :\


Anonymous said...

Come on Kim....you can get through this!! Do you want me to buy you a "patch" to help you get your mo-jo back? Mine is still working great!! :)

jeanie oliver said...

all artists have to put their stuff aside from time to time. Just do the stuff that has to be done like Alex's outfits. I would offer to help but my sewing these days is restricted to using that iron in hem tape!
you can do it

*kim* said...

ahhhh thanks girls! I did make a little progress last night and hope to actually get my bobbin threaded tonight and put in some stitches!

Judy, I'm so proud of you prend! :)

CandiMandi said...

haha I know how you feel. School rules my life right now, and cuz I got to be creative for school, I run out by the time I've turned in my assignments. I say just try takin it easy for a while whenever you have spare time! Then it'll find its way back to ya!