vote please!!!!

This gorgeous chick is Brooke - my stepdaughter. She is with her hubs, Rob in several of these pics. She's model quality, don't you think???? Seriously, scroll down and check her out! Beautiful smile and great personality to boot.
Okay, this one is just funny! (sorry B)
Okay, I think we all agree that she is beautiful inside and out.
Now, I would very much appreciate if you would vote many many times for Brooke DeHaven to win this modeling search contest for a local (Little Rock) publication called Sync. You may click below and vote often...there is no registration or sign up required. She would be most appreciative and this would make her incredibly happy. :D :D :D :D
She truly deserves happiness!
Here is the linky


jeanie oliver said...

Hey found website and voted several times for Brooke-
am so glad you read my blog-I want to get together sometime and have you give me a mini course in scrapbooking. I need inspiration, or just to copy someone else's great work!!!

Unknown said...

Cool! Thanks for voting! I look everywhere for inspo. A ton of websites scrapbooking and otherwise. Copying=Scraplifting! :)