Ode to Granny Hutch

Since I posted some pictures of my Granny DeShazo from Saturday, I also wanted to post something about my other Granny, Granny Hutch. Actually it's Granny Hutchison, but I always shortened it.
See we had a homecoming celebration on Sunday at church and I (of course) was snapping pictures of the day's events and when I captured this picture of our associate pastor/song leader, Wes Sharp playing the piano, I also captured something else: The picture on the piano is my Granny Hutch.

Granny was the pianist at our church-First Baptist Church of Evening Shade- for umpteen years and my mom placed that on the piano in memory of her. The woman could flat play the piano! Of course, Wes can flat play the piano too. Let's just say that piano has been flat played over the years!

Granny was such a cool lady and I still miss her. She was very set in her ways, very much ahead of her time, and was not afraid to stand up for what she believed in: God, her family, Bill Clinton, and the Razorbacks!!! (Not necessarily in that order!!!) ;)
I feel so blessed to have the grandmothers...and grandfathers that I have. Granny DeShazo is my only living grandparent at this point in my life, but I can promise that my other grandparents are living it up in a much better place and it feels great to know that without a doubt.

I also love that this picture captures something else in the background: the fact that there was 101 people present for Sunday School that day. Because our numbers reached over 100, our Pastor, Brother Larry Weaver has promised to sing. He has been telling our congregation that for several years now, and it has finally happened.

I will certainly try to capture Brother Larry's big solo.
It may be a blessing that I have no sound! :)


Lynne said...

Very sweet thoughts about your grandmother -- I also believe that we will be together again after this life. It's a comforting thought!

Karla Rush said...

What a neat picture this story tells. I love it when people take photos in church. There's so much to share about church that people might not see any other way.