October reflections

Getting colder and I'm not loving it much.
I AM loving the sunshine that today holds.
and the Fall beauty...just without the cold please!?

4H Fun Day today.
Should be fun.
October is loaded with good times and good photo ops!

Check out Last year's October.

See, October hold great traditions for us.
Today: 4H Fun Day, football, & Nancy's Halloween get together.
My church hay ride, which I have to miss this time.
Monday: My work's family fun festival

A time to reflect.
I love that I can go back through my blog and see what I was doing a year ago.
How I was feeling a year ago.
The events.
The losses.
The photos.

Everyone should have a camera & a blog, really.

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Lynne said...

Love the last comment -- couldn't agree more...:-)