AREtsy Team Member

So my first Etsy sale was perfect.
The prints reached my buyer, *who is also a seller BTW*
She left me awesome feedback,

I left her awesome feedback.
All is good for that - my first transaction.

Now, I've taken the next step and joined an Etsy team.
Team ARETsy = Etsy sellers from Arkansas.

Seems there are quite a few sellers in the group.
I have posted the
typical "Hi, I'm a newbie" to the group message board set up through Yahoo.

They even have a blog, AREtsy.blogspot.com.

I'm all about buying local and supporting artists.
I encourage any
of my readers to do the same.
Check out the many Etsy stores.
I'm talking some awesome Christmas gifts,
no driving, no lines, and better quality.

Love CurlyRed's jewelry
And this nice lady at Arts of the Ozarks who just moved from my neck of the woods.
Her notecards which feature beautiful photos=Stunning!
(they are all taken in Arkansas too!)
Of course these pictures are supercalafragilistically unique and would make really nice gifts for your friends and loved ones and while you're at it, pick one up for yourself.
You DEFINITELY should check that one out. (insert cheesy grin here)

Seriously, if you have not looked around Etsy
you are missing out on something truly unique and special.
From vintage, like one of my fave bloggers Mandi
and her shop:
to cool handmade bags and paper supplies like
Madame Cupcake.
There is really something for everyone.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program....

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Anonymous said...

Just boppin over b/c I saw you on another blog and your comment about Bon Jovi

I grew up in LR but haven't lived there in 20 years.

nice to meet you