Look who else wants JOY

That's right, Angus wants JOY too! Of course he is a dog and already full of JOY, but everyone could use a little extra, right?!

This is the other one I have for sale that I discussed in this post below. It is for sale for $27, plus shipping. I have distressed this frame for a more rustic feel and this one has black and white pictures. You can purchase it through Etsy, or simply contact me!

Also I wanted to show the Family piece I made for Deltha. I actually did two of these for her for two different events she is attending. I think one will be given away as a door prize and the other will be a gift.
I was a little concerned about how these would turn out, but I really like them...the mix of the modern looking frame with the naturalness of the photos is pretty cool. I had these printed as 4x7's because of the size of the frame. The prints fits between two pieces of glass and then fit into the frame.

On another subject, I'm feeling a real need
to scrapbook! what? did I say scrapbook?
Yes, scrapbooking seems so foreign to me right now.
It's been a couple of months since I've even made an ATC.
I really should get back into my thankful cards.
I was so much more appreciative for the little things
when I was doing those.
I'm thinking a challenge might be in order to crank
up the mojo.
Maybe this one in honor of breast cancer awareness month.

Oh yet another subject: I'm a little sad that Korto didn't win Project Runway.
I finally watched the finale on YouTube this weekend. I am however glad it was Leanne and not
that crazed, hateful Kenley. I actually didn't mind her too much until she was rude to Tim Gunn...I mean "Hello" it's Tim Gunn, and he is the most nice, polite man! How dare she!
Anyway, I just loved Korto's attitude and her designs were awesome. Plus she's a fellow Arkansan!

Off to enjoy the last few precious minutes of the weekend.

over and out.


Karla Rush said...

Love the float frame with the natural photography. Very complimentary to each other!

Mandi said...

I am always jealous of people who have dogs that sneak into their pics. :)