And completely beautiful scenery to boot!
What a fantastic day to get out and drive!
Mom & I had a great day on a little shopping excursion.
I was searching for some frames at a store in Koshkonong, MO.
(yes, the town is Koshkonong....Kosh for short)
No such luck. Drat!
Mom did have some luck finding upholstery fabric for an antique chair she is getting recovered.
We made a jaunt through Thayer and stopped at an old hotel built in 1910 that is now a really cool antique store called Creative Poverty. (love that name!)
I made several awesome finds there, from a nifty galvanized something or another that I've hung for a huge magnetic inspiration board (pictures later)
to this fabulous old pot rack:
I know! It's cool, right?
I also caught Gray Kitty sitting so pretty & regal on a piece of firewood.

And of course this cutie patootie who is not the best at getting his pictures taken.
Excuse the blur, but look at those precious eyes!

I love this dog.

and he pretty much loves the heck out of me too.

November has begun.
Time has changed.
Days are short.
Nights are long.
Weather will be getting cold.
I am not a fan of what's to come,
but I'm savoring what it is offering right now!


ncwdust said...

Isn't it just beautiful around here now....I just love walking outside on the deck to see what new colors are out there today.

Glad you had a good day with Mom! I need to talk to you about frames...remind me before Tuesday.


Lynne said...

Great pictures - I really dread what's coming too. I don't know how I ever survive every Illinois winter. That pot rack in COOL!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos

love that pot rack soo divine...

jeanie oliver said...

love the cat pic

Karla Rush said...

"P-E-R-F-E-C-T W-E-A-T-H-E-R"

How'd I do?


Lu said...

the kitty pic is insane!!! love it.