So this last week flew by.
As did the weekend.
Friday evening we attended Alex's FFA Hee-Haw & chili supper.
This is a fundraising annual event that is really fun.
There was a load of people who came.
In fact they had to move in tables & chairs.
(another reason HHS should expand their cafeteria, but that is a tangent I'll not get on today.)
Here we have Alex portraying the fancy insurance lady making a visit to Archie's barber shop.
(Archie is being played by Eli Long)
Here is the classroom scene, full of classic HeeHaw one liners.
Then here we have the big finale where the entire cast comes out on stage for a sing-a-long with the house band aka Hurricane Creek Band, led by former FFA advisor, Charlie Johnson.
You can tell by the kids' faces how much fun they had doing this.
Although Alex won't admit it!
Here is Alex & little Dalany Harris hamming it up for my camera!
Dalany performed too!
She sang the Hee-Haw classic, Gloom, Despair, and Agony on Me.
She's quite the little entertainer.
(excuse the icing on the face, but a girl has to have a cupcake after a big performance you know!)
What a fun evening.
If you never got to witness the real Hee-Haw on TV, here is their official site.
And there is tons on YouTube.

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