Say Anything

One of my favorites from the eightes.
I still get butterflies when I hear Peter Gabriel sing "In Your Eyes".

If you didn't fall completely in love with John Cusack after seeing this flick, you just didn't have feelings!
(or maybe you're a dude, I don't know)

Anyway, I just took one of those silly little quizzes on Facebook called "Which 80's movie are you?" and
I am Say Anything.

I really should watch that next time it's on TNT or one of those channels that shows the "classics" (which is totally weird to think about it being a classic, but whatev)

So I'm a little freaked out that my 39th b-day will be here in less than a month, which leads to the next milestone birthday a year from now. The four-o. shhhh don't say it too loud.

Anyway, I have set myself a new goal to get my butt back in shape.
Seriously, how does it happen? How does one let oneself go?
It just happens I suppose, and it's not like you don't know how to solve the problem...I mean Hello! It's simple, it just takes willpower and energy.

By the time I'm shhhhhhh four-o, John Cusack will be waking me up outside my window with his boombox blaring "In Your Eyes" as loudly as possible.

It could happen!


Lynne said...

That WAS a good movie. I haven't seen it since the 80's, but I ought to watch it again. I also loved Better Off Dead and One Crazy Summer with him as well. Beter Off Dead has been on TV over the years and it's been fun to wach that one again. I think you look great, but I know what you mean about getting back in to shape -- I think about it a lot and how I need to do more! Great post!

Karla Rush said...

I quizzed and came up "Breakfast Club". I guess it's because that movie is all about weird people and their rebellion. (I never really liked that movie but the personalities it portrays might fit mine!)...hmmm.

ncwdust said...

I need that quiz...but I'm not on facebook.

Anonymous said...

John is even more amazing as he aged... he's over the 4--- and he is just hot!

80's rocked!

Sasha said...

I love that movie too .. love the 80's movies, and did you hear they are redoing Footloose..I am like NOOO dont do it..they better brang it .. LOL

thanks for stoppin in, and yah girl that's my nickname for the kitty. LOL..oh and umm good luck on your weight loss and staying fit successes