More from the HHSA Banquet

So I had to share more of the fun pics from our Hillbilly Banquet last night.
(that doesn't mean it a banquet for hillbillies, it's our association name.)
sorry had to get that straight.
Although some of us them have hillbilly characteristics.
That woman right there in the middle is truly one of the funnest people I know. Elaine Thomas. Her personality is as bright as her sweater and beaming smile.
(you should've seen her shoes!)
I've never met anyone as carefree and fun-loving!

Dan and Nancy were called on stage by Kenny (the 08 President of HHSA) so it could be announced that the Family of the Year would be given in their honor because of the years of service and being such a strong family in the association.
It was quite a surprise and well deserved.
Emily, Alex & Colby getting their awards for Girls' Western Pleasure.
All the little kids got to decorate pumpkins for a contest. You know these two "kids" had to get in on the action. Colby explained theirs wore crowns! I thought Alex's had a pacifier, but she promptly corrected me that hers was sticking her tongue out!
Loved Lee Thomas' pumpkin which looked like some kind of pirate-cowboy.
Especially love the eyes.
Aye matey!
Alex won Junior High Point again this year and got a gorgeous buckle!
She also won Junior Sportsmanship award.
Along with these two honors, she got a cool pink hoodie and nice wooden frame, and racked up on cash!
These two beauties are great friends and always have fun together.


ncwdust said...

Alex has such amazing hair! She's so pretty and obviously a great sportswoman!

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

beautiful women!!!!

tag ur it! (taylor blog)

Tommie said...

So proud of you Alex. I know you are looking forward to next year. You have grown into a beautiful young lady. Hard to beleive you were 3 years old when you came into our lives. God bless you.