Today is Veteran's Day.

I for one am thankful to those who have served.
Not just those men & women who have actually gone to fight in a war. Everyone who is in the armed forces.

I realize being in any branch of service is some kind of sacrifice.
Something I for one would have a hard time with. I am proud there are those who are willing to make the sacrifices. And be willing to go to war if necessary.

Thank-You -
each and everyone of you.

I attended two different Veteran's Day programs today and it makes me proud to pledge allegience to our flag, hear the Star Spangled Banner (yes I said hear, you truly
do not want to hear me sing it) watch the color guard ceremony, hear Taps, and the 21 gun salute sends chills down my spine.

I cannot imagine what those veterans feel when they experience each of those things.


Mom & I had my "prend" Judy take our photo in front of my Pa Hutch's memorial brick that our family purchased in his honor before the memorial was built.
Mom is holding his Naval photo.
Everyone today who saw it commented how handsome my Pa was.
They are right.
He was also just as handsome on the inside.
Full of life.
A Christian first & foremost.
A great father.
Strong yet gentle.
Hard working.
Fun loving.
and a darn fine cook!
I'm so honored to be his granddaughter.
I hope I live up to his expectations of being his favorite "GD" (granddaughter that is).
He always told me that...but forgot to add that I was his ONLY GD!

He was a little full of it too! ;)

To my Pa, I also say Thank-You!


Anonymous said...

thank you so much, I didn't get a chance today to blog about it, but thank you for doing so. I haven't forgotten. I am grateful for all who have served, both old and young, male and female.

thank you for taking time!!! God Bless America!!!

Karla Rush said...

this is a great tribute to your Pa. He is very very proud of you I know.