Christmas Reflections

Wow, it is hard to believe that Christmas has come and gone again for another year. All of the shopping/wrapping/stressing/cooking/worrying/spending/etc. can be put on the backburner again for awhile. I must say though that I really did try to get past all that hub-bub and just enjoy!

I did receive an awesome gift this year from my dear sweet hubby and MIL...my new Canon XTI...yip-freakin'-hee!

I really did reflect and think a lot about the original Christmas story and how real it was and how wild it must have been - what a miracle.

I'm so sad to have had the loss of a dear friend and family member - Dub. I'm so happy he is in a better place and can feel good again.

what a wise man he was - even toward the end. My prayer is that his grandkids and kids can be touched by the fact that Dub was a Believer and maybe his death can affect someone to accept Christ as their personal Savior.
It is always weird to think about how the death or life of someone can touch someone. You just never know the seeds that are planted over someone's death.

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