Sounds I *heart* - Sara Berry jack

I really like the way this layout turned out. This is actually for two different challenges. The overall design is a jack from Sara Berry for this week's scrapjacked challenge. The content is the journaling prompt from the From the Journal Jar site: "what are your favorite sounds."

When thinking about sounds I enjoy what God has created for me to hear. Things that evoke feelings or bring back memories. Senses can definitely do that...sounds, smells, things you see or taste.

Each sound described has a different feeling for me. Spring is my favorite time of year and when I can go outside and hear the crickets and tree frogs at night, I know spring is near. I love, LOVE spring.

The sound of snow falling is simply a cool experience. It is such a still, clean, quiet sound. Especially early in the morning before people are trying to venture out in their cars. Quiet can be a great sound, but the soft rustling of snow hitting the surfaces is just calming.

Another calming sound for me is the Spring River. We have spent lots of time laying on the banks of that river - the best times are Sunday afternoons when hardly anyone is around and you can just lay back, feel the sun, and listen to the river. We always go to Spring River Oaks and just hang out. It is true peace. All your worries, problems, and life can just be on hold for awhile. My hubby and I have had a lot of times on the river that are great memories.

Nothing beats the sound of a steady rain on a tin roof - it's a true country thing to love I suppose.

Distant thunder may be a strange sound to love, but I do like the sound of a storm. Although it makes me a little anxious, a good old thunderstorm (minus tornadoes of course) is a great sound to experience every once in awhile.


-karen (akaliz) said...

some of my faves too! love your jack...cute drawings!

Tiffany Hewlett said...

Love it! Some great sounds-snow falling! Didn't consider it, but such a great sound-so peaceful!

The Johnston's said...

Isn't nature beautiful! I love those sounds too! Great LO!