Do you have a nickname?

why yes, yes I do!

A new challenge blog I have discovered is called From the Journal Jar. I missed doing the first challenge which was Where do you live?, but I got in on the second one: Do you have a nickname? I thoroughly enjoyed this one. I'm sure I have other nicknames, but the ones I journaled about on this layout are the ones that stick in my mind. One that is another recent nickname given to me by a man on our foundation board at work is "kitten". I think because he sees my emails a lot and my email is kwhitten@... he sees it as "Kitten". He has a nickname for everyone though. He cracks me up...His name is Son and I have started calling him "Sonshine!"

I actually dig giving nicknames to people. For example: I call Alex's friend Sami, "Spammy"; and Seth is "Stealth." I call Molly "Chicken Little" for some reason. Mostly the ones I use are quite silly, but nicknames are, right???!!!

I look forward to the next challenge from the journal jar! ; )

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Tiffany | Making the World Cuter said...

Love it, Love it, Love it! Your layout and your blog-both so cute! Thanks for playing-I'm glad people are liking this! I have used the journal jars forever, but never for scrapbooking, so I'm glad it's working out so well to incorporate it onto a page! So cute!