Daily Blessings

Something I've been wanting to start but have not done.

Thanksgiving & the holidays seemed to be the appropriate time to begin what I've coined "Daily Blessings."

Many different inspirations for this: Ali's "Daily Something" which I was doing for awhile, but kind of dropped off. The idea is to create SOMETHING everyday - whether it be a story from to remember the day. from Ali's blog:
...Here's the short version: the idea is to develop a daily creative habit of some sort focused on everyday stories. Each day of our lives presents us with hundreds of different stories to tell - pick just one and make something quick and easy that keeps the focus on the story. Some days will have really long stories and others will be super short (just like some days you will have lots of time and other days it will be a struggle to fit it in)...

Another inspiration is Elise Blaha's daily cards. Oh these are cool. What a great little way to create something everyday.. There are many people doing these daily/weekly/yearly cards. I love that you use a plain old deck of cards.

Then we have Dianna - a SISter from SIStv who puts up a "today I'm thankful for..." post on the message board. I thought about just posting on my blog each day at least one thing I'm thankful for or a daily blessing, but I thought...duh incorporate all of this together...HELLO!

My biggest inspiration however - is my faith in God and knowing that each day is filled with so many blessings - in fact - waaaaaayyyyy more than I could ever "scrap", create about, or even deserve!

I hope others (scrappers, nonscrappers, lurkers, friends, family, etc...) will post their blessings as well. I challenge you...no, wait, I dare you - I DOUBLE DOG dare you to post your blessings in the comments, link to your blog, website, or other cyber-spot!!!!

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