more dailies and my WIP*

*WIP=work in progress.
I'm just feeling so hip using acronyms, KWIM???

Here are my daily blessings for the last couple of days:
The one from today (6/20) was done with masking tape layers and paint, a la Bible School...c'mon I know you did something similar at some point. We actually did some this year at VBS for the young artists, only we used crayons instead of paint....do you think I'm crazy? never mind...

the next few pics are from a little summertime journal I'm working on, hence the WIP....I had gotten the idea a couple of months ago from this cool, crafty chicklet and this utterly radical artiste. Both do many fun little journals and use found stuff...magazine and catalog pages and other random tidbits. They also work over here at TAIF (the art is found) and the prompt this time is to use catalog/magazine images. Perfect for my little WIP journal, don't ya think?

I won't bog down blogger with all the images, but I thought I would post some of my faves. I have not bound the journal together yet as I may have more additions. I mean it is a WIP, ya know.

Here is the back cover...don't you just love teepee's???? I remember wishing I had a teepee when I was a little girl. I don't what it is about them, I guess the cool shape, but I still wouldn't mind having one! ;)

I love this camp scene (with or without the teepee) and I miss camping. We used to camp a lot, but dang it is such a hassle anymore. It's almost not worth the trouble, but if I could wiggle my nose and be laying in this lounger, I would love it.

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jeanie oliver said...

HI there,
I've scouted out dozens of scrapbooking stuff, and you still inspire me when I see your stuff. I have a spiral journal thingy that I could use to do something like this. You are going to turn me into a scapper yet!
Are you through showing horses--
singing school was 300 times more than I expected. I loved it and even attempted to sing a solo on closing night.
2 things marked off my "bucket" list
a. go to singing school
b. sing solo again in front of people-just didn't imagine sooooo
many people!