quick random post

Just a few pictures from the last couple of days - new lens and all!

a little explanation here: I decided it would be tres cool to capture some lightening bugs or as some call them, fireflys and put them in a jar and photograph them. I put my camera on a super slow speed and tried it. I actually love the way it turned out. I was wanting more of the little glowing dudes for my experiment, but I could only capture two.
Yes, I looked like a big goofball doing that one! If you don't believe it, ask my hubs...he was cracking up and warned that if someone saw me and didn't know what I was doing, they might try to "put me away."
Anyway, I didn't realize Alex was out there catching some too, so I should have waited just a little longer and I would have had a jar full of lightening bugs.
I may try this again one evening.

This is Alex and her CRAZY goat! Seriously the goat is nutso!
She will be attempting to show him at the county fair
- or he may
show her, we'll see.

some of my flowers that are in full swing right now.
lovely, yes?
and finally we have Ben. Cody & Amy's young red heeler pup.
He is quite photogenic I think.
I took several of him but I just love his expression here.
He is very sweet.
Off work today - slept in till around 9ish.
I will probably make a jaunt over to see my cousin, aunt, and granny.
love visiting with that crew.

signing off for now.


Anonymous said...

Cool lightning bug pics! You really should call when you do laugh-worthy things like catching lightning bugs! My Benny looks so sweet here, you captured his personality so well. Also, I am sticking my tongue out at you b/c you got to sleep late!
Love ya,

Lynne said...

I LOVE your photos...and am insanely jealous of your new lens! I've also got an XTi and was messing around with my 75-300 today in the rain, but didn't really get anything good. WAY too much lightening to be comfortable out there. I also love your DB posts...maybe I'll have to try doing something like that too. Great idea!!

jeanie oliver said...

very good. I tried that and couldn't get anything but black blobs and green orbs like ghost hunters. I didn't know about the camera speed. I just now got my camera out and found that setting. If you'll just keep posting about your photography, I'll gradually get better!

HI Amy,
thanks for visting my site and commenting on my wild plums. Kim thought they were water balloons!!
I think the people on the photo-challenge think that I'm a loose cannon, never knowing what pic I'll take and make it fit the prompt....oh, well!
love to you both
Jeanie and Aunt Jeanie
oh, and I cut my first pieces of gorgeous scrapping paper today.