ode to my shades

I seem to have the hardest time with sunglasses.
I either lose them or break them.
Luckily I don't spend too much on them either.
The "having to have Ray-Bans" era was left behind in my youth...my twenties.
Why am I dedicating a post to sunglasses you ask yourself? (I'm asking myself that too, don't feel all alone).
Well, I broke yet another pair on Sunday. These cool shades that I purchased from my cousin, Cindy who sells killer bags, purses and shades for little more than a song!
Interested? let me know - I can so hook you up!

(Cin-if you are reading this I hope we can find another pair semi close - and maybe you can talk me into a good case this time!?) :)
Yes, this is a typical self portrait in the car shot.
Ironically, the very morning of the incident.
Understand I absolutely detest photos of myself. However, I understand the need for them, so I take the occasional selfie.
I am glad now that my cool knock-off Guccis are preserved forever on the morning of their demise. I plan on starting This is Me - a cool chick Holly and her friends started these prompts to help you put together a journal/scrapbook about yourself. Us scrapbookers are always scrapping kids, vacations, pets, etc, but somehow we get left out of the picture....literally! So I hope to do better at getting my own thoughts and feelings down -along with a few pics of myself...just for me. I need preserved too, ya know! Anyway, I've gone way off subject...I was posting an ode to my shades. I just felt the need to explain the reason for the pictures I guess.

Now, onto the rest of the story... just like Paul Harvey!
see these:
Not the cute dog and chick, but the shades!
These are the sad excuse the lovely Ms. Alex (my 16yo step dd) allowed me to borrow until I obtain new & even cooler shades.

Yes, those would be safely glasses.
Her hot pink ones that she "HAD TO HAVE" for her shooting team.
I look like a total dork.
I realize this of course.
She has gotten a kick out of the fact that I am actually wearing them!
Luckily Amy let me have an old pair of hers...I'll have to share a photo of those another day.

Is this not the funniest picture of Angus & I.
I love his windswept look & he looks unhappy, but trust me he loves riding at high rates of speed.
{not real high rates mom! no higher than your Mario Andretti speeds on the 4wheeler!}

Here are more:

He is flippin' hilarious!

If you are the least bit interested in the This is Me thing, you so DON'T have to be a "scrapbooker" - pick up a little journal or a $.58 sprial notebook of some kind and have at it.
I would love to have someone do it with me.
I plan on going back to the beginning and starting.

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jeanie oliver said...

going back to the beginning of your life or beginning of scrapbooking!
I made one page for Lindsey's birthday on rainy Saturday last weekend. I am stockpiling things for the cold yuckky days of winter and maybe the hot yuckky days of August. I know about the sunglasses. When I see Jake in New York on July 12, we are going to get me bunches of the 1.00 prs from the street vendors.
thanks for the comment on the twisted ballgoal!