It's Birthday month

July is quite a busy month for the Whitten household when it comes to birthdays.
Today is Amy's big day - Happy Birthday Amy! If she is reading this...your gift is on its way. You know me - I have had the perfect gift in mind for months now, but the procrastinator in me didn't get it on time.

On Wednesday there will be another birthday: Cody. If he is reading this...{NOT}....you know your Dad is in charge of your gift! ;P

Then a week from today will be the hubs, James.
(Any help with this one is greatly appreciated!!!!) :\
Why are men so hard to buy for?????
Crapola that is a lot of birthdays crammed into such a short span of time.

Another birthday passed by on Saturday, July 12th: Case Lee Whitten,
Cody & Amy's son who was an angel on earth for five days.
Case we still love & miss you - you are always and forever in our hearts.
July has always been a great month - one I have always loved with the 4th of July, sunshine, camping, vacations, barbeques, and all the fun of summer, but it is also hard for our family...
My prayers for Cody & Amy and all our families is for positive thoughts and continued healing; and mostly for the chance of having another child in the near future.

I have tried to be positive and focus
on the blessings of the day-to-day
instead of harboring the "
crud" of life
that we all face.

I have enjoyed my little daily blessings
and it gives me a feeling of thankfulness
using my creativity in the process, which is so satisfying.

I hope you will also check out Lynne's "Simple Pleasures" . Lynne is a high school classmate of mine from Conway High School - Class of '88 - Go Wampus Cats!! Seeing as it's been 20 years since graduation we are going to have a proper reunion...finally...in October.

Lynne & I made a connection by discovering each other's blogs through our reunion website - pretty cool I think! Lynne has a lovely family and now lives in Illinois. She is choosing to record her "simple pleasures" each day through photography as a way of recognizing the things she deems precious in her everyday life, much like my daily blessings! I'm stoked to see her work, as she has some gorgeous photography on her blog.

Oh, and the little stinker tagged me for six random things....I promise to post those this week. Most of my family & IRL friends know I'm an open book and pretty random as well..we'll see what I can come up with for that. :)

Here are the past few days of DB's.

over & out....

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Judy said...

Kim - I am so glad you are my Prend! You are a blessing to me! I will put you on a blessing card someday to surprise you!!