a super quickie

I really don't know where my time is getting off to this week.
I feel like such a blog snob...ignoring, not only my own blog,
but my other regular stops in blogdomhood.

I did do a couple of layouts last weekend for some challenges over at SIS.
Here is one I did for the lalalee's pass the parcel challenge (I took butterfly) as well as this rather cool new challenge site called The Story Matters:
a close up of the journaling bits:
and I did my friend Diana's (BlessedinTexas) shopping challenge. I chose orange pattern paper, staples and handwritten title:
Oh, and I did these "inchies" a couple of weeks ago for an inchies swap. this is pretty much recycled stuff. pieces of a vintage mag ad, random phrases from an old novel, and some cardboard and paint on silver cardstock.
I have got to get them in the mail.

Don't know what inchies are???
Don't feel bad, I didn't either.
Check these links out:

hope to have several new DB's to post.
Gotta get my camera out.

see ya on the flip side!

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