Project Catwalk Runway

ETA: That's how much I know about the show+how tired I was when posting. I typed Project Catwalk in stead of Project Runway. What a complete dork I feel like!

okay, so I've never seen the show, but hear great and wonderful things about it. I found the link after typing the correct name, it is on Bravo.

There is a major scrappy challenge going on over at SIStv based on the show.
Lots of creative thinking to work the brain!

I didn't get the first week done, but there was some darn good entries. I was so proud of Christina for winning the first place for the week! Love the Droid!

I am happy to say I did get this week's done! Yay Me!!! *flashing applause sign now*
I cannot post it yet, but I will after the deadline.
It is a card and here is the challenge from the board:

Create a card primarily using the color green. The card can be for any occasion and any size. Here's the catch, to make your card you must use the outer clear celophane packaging from an item like Thickers (you can use any of the clear outer packaging you have on hand). Also you must use a piece of newspaper to create a matching envelope for the card!

Don't forget the bonus item this week!!!!! It's the turquoise felt yard from the Beach Bum collection! (I'm out on this one, I don't have the collection.) :(

There is a bonus this week if we recruit new people.
Okay, so I know Amy is not going to do this and probably not Joyce, Kathi or Mom.
If there are any others who read my blog that would like to do this - please leave a comment and I'll give you the details the deadline is Saturday night at 10P central time. (I think)

I also did my LO for the The Art is Found prompt.
Notebook paper.
I'm loving the way this turned out.
let me just say: artist=child

I'll be posting these tomorrow with my DB's in massive quantity.

I've been so darn lazy on these this week.

over & out

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