Green Project CATWALK

First, I must explain why I was so confused.... the show on Bravo hosted by Heidi Klum that is all the rage is Project Runway.

The challenge on SIStv is Project Catwalk.
Now, since I love fashion design and at one time
was majoring in it, I decided I would check this show out on You Tube. Well, I spent most of Saturday evening watching not only the first two episodes from the new season, but I went back and watched the entire Season 4.

I'm HOOKED people!
I mean it is FIERCE!

Okay, get it now?
Project Runway is the reality show on Bravo,
I'll refer to it hereinafter as PR.

Project Catwalk is the scrappy challenge
on SIStv. I'll refer to is hereinafter as PC.

See how I'm throwing all that legal talk in there.
You can tell I worked for an attorney once upon a time, can't ya?

In the second week of PR the designers had to use "green" materials for their garments. "Green" as in environmentally friendly. The challenge on PC was to create a card primarily using the color green. The card could be for any occasion and any size.
The catch: use the outer clear cellophane
packaging from an item like stickers or Thickers or any of the clear outer packaging. Also use a piece of newspaper to create a matching envelope for the card! Here is my Week #2:
It more or less says "Hello...
Funny Face.
This is just a spot for a personal message
on the inside left.
I just like this little guy:

this week is the Sharp County Fair and it will be super duper busy, I hope to have some time somewhere to post my updated DB's. I know I promised! I also have some new photos to share when I get them off my camera!

goodnight johnboy!

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These are beautiful!