check-check-check me out

My "prend" came through with some new shades + a case! She is good!I had a delightful lunch with Judy and her Hubs, Carl *wink*wink* and Alicia, Sam and Jarrett. It was weird because I had never met Alicia IRL,
but feel like I know her as well as
I know some people I see everyday.Aaaahhh that Judy and Carl are so precious!
So my sunglasses problemo is ovah! Yay for awesome DIL's and prends and 16 yo step dd's, {even though the little rascal had me looking like a complete dork for a couple of days in her safety glasses. (see post below)}
Oh, I also had promised my DB (daily blessings) several days ago. I cannot seem to stay caught up on these or posting these rather.
First up is this cute, new little sandwich I tried at this great place: Afterwords.

This one is a long story, that I won't go into, but this girl Julie is incredible and even though I don't know her IRL, she has a heart the size of....Texas...I was going to say Arizona since that is where she's from, but that didn't make much sense. Anyway, she had gotten married back several months ago in Vegas and purchased several decks of cards to giveaway to those of us on SIStv who make ATC's and I was a lucky winner of the M&M cards - I started using the deck over the weekend and helped her out with a little project so this DB is in honor of her.

Ta-Ta for now!


Lynne said...

Hey - what's the 'This is Me' thing that you mentioned in your earlier blog?

Lynne said...

How ironic that I was blogging about food this morning considering the This is Me challenge. I think I'd like to do it, but I may need to wait until the kids are back in school if I want to really scrap my entries. Maybe I will get a notebook or something at least...that's a good idea you had. We'll see! I have another friend who would probably want to do it too.

Judy said...

Kim - we had so much fun having lunch with you yesterday! I am so glad that you and Alicia finally got to meet IRL! :)


Karla Rush said...

Dibs on the funky welding glasses? I really thought you made those things look classy!