Wow, it's been a great week...Alex did fab at the horseshow.
I promise to post the details and I took a ton of pictures.
Right now, I feel like posting a little project I made before I left
on Monday.

This girl inspires me greatly...can you believe she just turned 16?
If you ever want to be inspired by art, photos, or words,
I have Kara linked up over on the right under "blogs I stalk".

Anyway, she had posted a great workshop a week or so ago that she
Look up.

In preparation for the workshop I had been taking sky pictures.

Some I already had because I am always loving the way the sky looks.
Sunsets, storms, clouds...they are awesome.

Anyway, I made a mini book from a recycled Jones Pure Cane Soda box
I had kept because I loved all the little pictures and color and "stuff"
it had. (remember this post?)
Yes, same soda.

Here is how it turned out...I really like it.
Thanks for your thought provoking prompts and inspiration Kara!


mrs. chez said...

I say again, so fab! Rumor is quite the old soul for sure.

Lynne said...

I've never responded to a tag before, but my sister just tagged me and I included you in on it as well. Check out my latest post for details if you're interested.