Mud - Water - and the 5th of July

so I promised pictures from our continued fun on the holiday weekend...
this group of photos sums up July 5th.
We rose early to go to some Mud Bog thing - got there - canceled.
I was not disappointed to be honest - I wanted to be in the water not watching mud.

Well, needless to say Cody knew some other people who showed up the same time we did to the canceled event, so they all decided to go to another mud track....
again didn't tip my fun scale,
but I did enjoy taking pictures of these idiots!

I cannot believe people do this to their perfectly fine vehicles: to each his own I suppose.
It's like any other sport/event/race see how far you can push yourself or your vehicle in this case.
Here is the crew waiting for the next mud slingin' -
pretty redneck I suppose but I guess we cannot deny who we are!!! :DI absolutely love this picture of hubs (middle), Cody (my stepson right) and our friend Tony. Obviously they are loving every minute of the mud slinging action!on to the next event.
well, that is after a good hardy lunch of leftovers and a quick change into bathing suits.

We drove down to the river.
Walker and Tara are too darn cute!
and so is Amy!!!
This is Clay, Amy's half brother who is here for the summer from Kentucky.
And here is Lane - Amy's cousin...this kid cracks me up!
The biggest kid: literally is Cody! He had a blast playing in the river with the little kids.
Look at that grin: ear to ear!
We kept hearing it thunder and it was cooling off fast. All of a sudden the sky opened and poured down rain on us. Luckily there was no lightening.
Brody looks like a drowned rat...bless his heart!

It was a delightful day spent with friends and family.
I love days like that.

Okay so I'll catch up the blog with my daily blessings:
They are pretty self-explanatory.
off to the State 4H horsehow bright & early tomorrow-I will try to keep the blog updated with event results!!


Judy said...

Kim - those pictures are great!! You are right that was a great picture of James!!

Be sure to tell him that I said *wink* *wink*!! ;)

Have a great time at the horse show!!


Mandi said...

dude that is a LOT of mud! haha Looks like fun