So I got to do some scrapping last night - which I thoroughly enjoyed! I have been planning to do the TAIF challenge {The Art is Found}.

You know it has to be special with Kristina Contes as the guest! Those girls are just awesome - each one of them.

Which reminds me to ask any of my readers to pray a prayer for one of the TAIF girls,
Kimberly Brimhall. You can go to her blog and see a video she has put together. She is extremely sick and her doctors are testing and testing her.
She is an awesome scrapbooker and a sweetheart to boot!

I get sidetracked so easily! But that was an important sidetrack....

The TAIF challenge was to use notebook paper of any kind, used or not.
So, I wanted to find one of Alex's many lists and do a LO about her obsessive list-making. The girl has serious issues really, but I couldn't find anything other than current lists and I knew she would kill me if I took one....I mean she needs all those lists!

I turned and saw this little gem hanging up on my fridge and knew that was exactly what this challenge needed: children's artwork! This is some of Jake's art from several months back. He actually drew me a full size page of one of these faces, then scribbled several on this torn sheet of notebook paper. They've both been hanging on the fridge ever since - just waiting for something special to be done to them.

This kid truly has a creative eye and in fact I gave him some canvases & paints for Christmas last year!
I used a used manila envelope for the background and after completing the page had an epiphany!!!! I was slip any other artwork from Jake into the envelope then it would all be tucked away in one place.

Am I brilliant or what???!!!!
don't answer that~

Here is a closeup
the journaling reads:
The true artist is a mere child.
No inhibitions
No limitations
only art in its purest form.full page
the artist himself:

Onto to some Daily Blessings:

I'm still catching up - more DB's to come! pinkie swear!!!!


Lynne said...

you are soooo creative - did you take art in HS? I took it a couple of years in Jr. High, but my stuff was CRAP. I know this because my mom just gave me a box of it last summer! Oh, well - I had fun in those classes with Jason Schlintz (I think he changed his last name at some point?), Curtis Nunn (good artist) & Leigh Johnson (extremely good artist who I just got back in touch with this week through the site! Love that!!)

*kim* said...

Thanks, some days more than others! :P
I did take art and actually started my college "career" in Fashion Design. I got so overwhelmed with art classes I kind of burned out!
Yes, I remember Leigh was always artistic. I think everybody has some form of creativity and you have an eye for it in your photos.