WARNING: this is a little wordy...I know! Hard to believe right?
I was totally uninspired and not "feeling" any ideas for this week's photo. 

Then, on our {almost} nightly drive to the hospital Sunday evening, I told James that I meant to pick Memaw some jonquils to take to her to brighten up her room, but forgot. Well, we kept passing little patches of them along the way - you know...the places where old house places once stood.

Finally, we passed by a huge patch right off the road in a driveway leading to a cemetery. {ETA: locals, it's across from the Sidney turn-off, cannot remember the name} {ETAx2: drove by today, it's Maxville Cemetery}.  We turned the car around and went back deciding that since it was a cemetery it probably would not upset the property owner too much if we picked a few of their pretty flowers to brighten up a 91 year old lady's day!  (I know, I know, I can justify anything!)

Anyway, after picking the flowers and driving on down the cemetery driveway to turn the car around we came upon what I assume is an old log church?  Then, I had the epiphany!!!  This would be the perfect setting for my Week 11 photo.

So I stopped the car and grabbed my camera. James rolled his eyes...he thinks it is completey silly that I take and post pictures of myself... but actually agreed to take the picture for me...and I might add, he did a darn fine job! I had set up the shot and got the camera ready - explained how I wanted it framed and he did it.  I had actually set this up to be a landscape shot, but he turned the camera sideways once and took a single frame.

this one:

It is actually one of my favorites of this year's project, which proves a point that I try to make about tackling the 52 Week Project: Just have fun, be spontaneous and simply take some pictures.  Not everything has to be planned out or follow a theme.  I had no idea that that random purple cardi and red cami would look so nice with yellow jonquils against the wonderful woodsey texture of that old structure. 

Now what are you waiting for?
This is the absolute perfect time of year to jump in and start your own 52 Week Project. 

PS: I must leave you with this beauty! 
An outtake that my darling <---(I use that word loosely) 
husband took while I was trying to get everything just so-so! 



Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

*sigh* I loveeeeeeee that story and love love love love the photos (hehehehehehe...the 2nd one makes me giggle!)... he took! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Anonymous said...

Oh Kim, this is such a great story! I think darling James did a fine job of framing the shot! The fact that he took a pic of you as you're leaning in to make sure he does his job correctly is priceless!
Like you, I just have not been feeling inspired lately.... Well, inspired to fish and garden, but not much else!
Hugs, Lisa

mandiegirl said...

That last photo just kills me! Ha! I LOVE how your sunshine-y self looks against the wood! Gorg!

Marit said...

Wow, it IS a beautiful picture! Yes, those colours go well together and the sponteneous photo's are the best!!! I love the flowers - you brought the sun into Memas's room!!!