more hot pink madness

Thought I would share the last few days of my hot pink photos before moving on.
I have really enjoyed doing this and hope those other participating have too!

One friend asked me the rules to this.

Well, the rules are: there are no rules!
Just interpret it as you see it.

This was the sunset one night this week - the cool thing is I could probably take a beautiful sunset picture on any given evening where I live.
We are so blessed to have God as the artist and this just proves it!
This is Alex's purse. She's all about Roxy brand and that hot pink logo just stood out to me.
These are my sad old tennis shoes.
Luckily I got some news ones today...finally! Yay me!
Now, I have no excuse not to work out.
Okay that concludes the hot pink.
Join me tomorrow for more color fun: YELLOW
And go check out the color fun flickr group. There are some really great hot pink pictures.

I'm loving all the eye candy this is providing.

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