A new project on my mind

I love my Google blog reader.
If you enjoy reading blogs and have several you like to check, I so recommend setting up a Google Reader for yourself.
Of course, I'm a fan of Google, and have a personalized iGoogle homepage. Gmail on the right, Google Reader on the left, Flickr in the middle with a bunch of other widgets that I look at from time to time.
Not getting paid to advertise for Google, but if anyone from Google is reading this and wants to send me a check, let me know and I'll send you my mailing address. k?

Anyway, since I set up my Google Reader I have tons of blogs that I check - some everytime there is something new, others I might skip depending on my mood.

Molly Irwin's blog is one that I find inspiring and will pretty much always see what she has to say or what eye candy she has posted.

Last month she participated in another blog challenge (House on Hill Road) to take pictures of all things yellow for a whole week. There is even a flickr group for it. I recommend looking at the flickr group as it will make you smile with all the yellow!

Now, Molly has taken it a step further and make a mini book with all her yellow pictures...each representing her family members. I thought that was so cool!

I am a lover of color.
In fact, when people ask my favorite color, I usually answer: Roy G. Biv.
Just because I love all colors and depending on the day or my mood, my favorites change!
So I have this new project in mind that I want to try.

I really wanted to try to keep up with the diptychs that Mandie and I were doing, but with the ice storm and craziness that took place in February we quit and sometimes when the momentum dies, so does the inspiration. I tend to burn out on these "daily" projects that I try doing, but thought it would be fun to change it up and try doing something creative everyday, just not necessarily the same thing all the time. Does that even make sense? I didn't think so.

I have an idea for a new daily project that I will try.

I would love for anyone else to play along with me if you feel the urge.

What I will do is choose a color and photograph that color for a week.
Much like the yellow project, but with variety! :)

I would then love to make some mini books similar to my December Daily book.

Okay, so who's with me?

First color is Hot Pink. (I let Alex choose, what can I say!)

If you do want to participate, I would even form a flickr group for our colors, so let me know!

In honor of Alex's choice of color, here is my first hot pink photo:
That would be Alex's prom dress.


Jann Gray said...

Hey Girl...I LOVE this idea! And a big wowser on that dress...Alex is going to be G--orgeous! I can't wait to see the rest of your "hot pink" collection! have a great week.

ncwdust said...

OK, I'll try to play...but my camera is so not great...but I'm thinking George has decided to get me a new one this coming weekend...yeah for me.

ncwdust said...

Where do I post my photo for you and do I post daily or weekly?