December Daily 2008

As promised I am going to post my December Daily mini album a la Ali Edwards.

WARNING though: This will be a long and photo heavy post.
I will not repost the first few pages that I did posted earlier, you can find them here

Also, please note that this book has lots of transparencies and odd sized pages so it may look weird or confusing in places. If you are interested in seeing each spread you can refer to my flickr

Another sidenote: if you read my blog regularly you will recognize a lot of this. I have posted many of the photos throughout the month, and quite a bit of the journaling is straight from my blog. I found if I got behind a day or two with my book, I could refer back to my blog for the stories & details I wanted to tell.
I'm worn out just posting all of these.
And if you have made it this far...congratulations!

This back cover (under the thick x-ray film transarency given to me by my sweet DIL Amy) is a piece of vintage wrapping paper...isn't it awessome?

There are tidbits throughout my book from magazines, junk mail, vintage goodies, and lots of new stuff - some given to me as birthday and/or Christmas gifts.

This book is a true treasure for me and I will definitely be doing one again next year for the holidays.

Heck I might do one for July!

I would encourage anyone to try this....use a blog, do a digital scrapbook, a notebook, journal, or scrappy products.


Lynne said...

You are hands down the most creative scrapbooker I have ever seen. I love your syle - unique, informative and stylish! Great job on the book.

Chez said...

that was a lot of sidenotes.....an awesome book! congrats on finishing!

Anonymous said...

congratz - you turned everyones leftover and tossed away trash into something beautiful. I'm seriously impressed with you the whitten