Elvis is in the building

as promised, I am posting in honor of The King's birthday this week.

I have blogged many times about Joe and Jake, my little cousins.
Joe is the oldest and is quite talented at the ripe old age of 7.
He has been performing for a couple of years now locally...churches, fairs, and other events.
His two main things: Gospel & yes you guessed it, Elvis!
This kid has literally studied Elvis.
Watching movies over and over.
Listening to CD's
Reading and investigating.
He has long since outgrown this particular outfit, but this was last summer at our county fair.
He has the moves down and can sport the look.
But he is missing something.
It is obvious is it not?
I mean the kid is a toe-head!
He desperately needs Elvis hair!
So, now I ask you 'oh avid blog readers'...
How many 7 year olds do you imagine had an Elvis wig on their Christmas list this year?
I would not even venture to guess.
However, I do know one....
Well, that meant "Aunt Cousin Kim" (as Joe & Jake call me) to the rescue.
Yes, that would make me "Super Aunt Cousin Kim"
I should probably have a cape or something, don't ya think?

I digress...
Anyway, I scoured the world wide web in search for the perfect Elvis wig.
I found several...but mostly they were minus the sideburns. (purchase separately - what a rip)
Until, I came across My Costume Wigs.
I hit paydirt!
They had a whole entire Elvis section!
I found one in my price range and decided to email them to make sure it would fit, etc.
The nice folks at My Costume Wigs emailed back the sweetest email.
I received the parcel and it was so nicely packaged.

I would highly recommend this site for any wig or costume needs.
I perused some of their other selections and they range from celebrity styles to geisha, mullet and clown styles. They even have mustaches and fake eyelashes.
Check them out.

I was so excited for Joe to unwrap his new Elvis wig.
Here is his reaction when he first saw himself:Okay, I'll admit again, I have never been a huge fan of Elvis, (sssshhhh don't tell Joe).
but I am huge fan of Joe; therefore, I will love Elvis as long as he wants to perform his songs...and his moves!
So here's to you Elvis Presley!
Happy Birthday - if you are in the building.


MandieGirl said...

That is so fun- and so sweet of you to get him the wig! I love it!!!

Jann Gray said...

Ooo...I love that you found that for him. What a memory and a bond you created! I knew instinctively that doing these kinds of things are part of your character...just so fun to see how that "plays out" in your life.

Thanks for sharing the before and after....

Karla Rush said...

This is better than the little boy on Home Alone when he puts on the aftershave and realizes he's alone! You should in fact have a cape to fit your super aunt=cousin status. After all, Elvis sometimes wore one in the later years.