yes I know I've been a bad blogger this week.
sorry for that.
just not in the mood I guess.
and nothing much to talk about.
it's been flippin cold
that is about it.

I even still have my holiday-ish banner.
just have not done any new "banner-worthy" photos
I'll get on that.

I'm doing a fun little creative project that I've mentioned before
with Mandie


you know what that is?

look it up.
I'm lazy I tell ya!

you can check out our diptychs on my flickr page.
there is also a flickr group for Art Slam that features diptychs.

I've had a blast doing them.
and have made a great new friend in the process!

I will try to update better this week.
although not much going on.
There are some challenges I've been wanting to participate in here, here and here.
Actually there are many others, but I've narrowed it down to these in particular.
we'll see how that goes.

Oh, how could I forget the one thing that happened this week:
so excited for the new season.

If you are a fellow AI fan, I encourage you to check out my
cyber friend, Stacey's (spasm's) blog dedicated to all things Idol.
she's an AI expert I tell ya!

I did scrapbook and will post when I get the photo taken...
but before that I will have to actually finish the page.

have a lovely week.

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