day in history

regardless of how you feel about him.
regardless of how you voted.
regardless of your race, color or creed.
January 20th was a historical day in the life of the United States
and each and every citizen.
The day Barrack Obama took the highest position in our Country's government: President.

I spent the day in Ash Flat
at work.
However, I watched as millions of others watched.
I watched on the good old laptop.
Live feeds via CNN and Facebook.
It was cool.
Decided....as others did to capture the images.
This is when the Obama's got out of their heavily armored car
affectionately named "the Beast" to walk in the parade.
(notice my comment on the right)
I decided also to capture myself in the moment.
Used the Mac's built in photo booth for this one.
I forget about that cool app.

I pray for Obama and his leadership abilities.
It is not going to be a picnic or walk in the park by any means.
I also pray that the unity that seems to have taken over much of our country continues.

On another note.
My workplace is going through a similar leadership transition.
One president leaving.
A transitional leader.
And a new president will take office eventually - at some point this year.
I pray for leadership abilities for each of them as well.
and for unity for my colleagues.


Lynne said...

Excellent post - I couldn't have said it better.

Anonymous said...

I loved this post. I was watching the older generation, the ones who grew up on the cival rights era and ( which I have a passion for, for some reason) and had tears running down my cheeks that matched theirs. My tears were of gratitude for them though. But it was a wonderful day!