under the weather

is where I have been.
I was down all weekend and finally broke down today and went to the doctor.
That is a rare event with me.
I never ever go to the doctor.

Anyway, it's an upper respiratory infection and I am now on a Z-pack.
Hope to feel better.

I pretty much lost my voice over the weekend.

Today I just sound like a big ole toad.

Not only am I under the weather...I'm also waiting on the weather.

Evidently we have a huge ice storm heading our way.
Must be, because every single human being was in Wal-Mart.

They (whomever "they" are) say we might lose power
because of ice on the power lines.
I am pretty sure I might go insane without internet or tv.
Might do us good to have to entertain ourselves.
Game night maybe?

On a crafy note:
Here are some ATC's I did for a Valentine/love swap that this fly diva is hosting. Made 35 of these babies. I wanted to keep it simple so I used my favorite: kraft cardstock, some Hambly, glimmer mist and white pen. I just cut out a heart to use as a mask and glimmer misted my heart out! I kept thinking I would add more, but I just thought the simplicity was pretty cool.

It will be fun to get them all and hope we don't have any flakers!

okay, I'm getting back in my pj's now and finding a quilt...brrrrr.


MandieGirl said...

feel better, friend!

Lynne said...

I should probably know this...I've heard of them somewhere, but I really don't know what a z pack is...what are they?

Jann Gray said...

Oooo...do feel better!

We are a bit east of you (in Nashville) and we too are waiting for "the storm!" Stay inside and out of the craziness for sure.
Love your cards -- I love the sweet feel of them...and you know I am a fan of the "mist!" *smile*

*kim* said...

Lynne, it is azithromycin (sp? I think) and it is a 5 day, high power antibiotic. You take two at once on the first day and one a day for four days.

Jann, you inspired me to purchase the glimmer mist! :)

Anonymous said...

feel better, Jan and FEb are horrible months for this icky stuff