ReCap of 2009

Not much to recap I suppose since it's only been 4 days, but anyway, here goes...

NYE a/k/a Alex's Birthday was fun - a small gathering of friends in our shop.
The guys shot pool and us girls just sat around and laughed and conversed.
Alex and company just had fun hanging out.

They had bought the cute New Year headband/crown thingies and the girls made a quick trip to Wally World for some for the guys...they were good sports wearing their yellow-New-Year-too-small-top hats!Prior to the hats everyone seemed to be sporting this red bow from one of Alex's gifts...Here is Matt being a REALLY good sport about it....bless his heart!
Tracy wanted them to Walk Like Egyptians...yes, just like the 80's Bangles song.
Colby looking adorable!
The infamous chocolate chip cookie pizza that Alex requested instead of a cake...don't ask about what my oven looked like after. I'll just say there is a pan under that cookie somewhere.
Hello lovelies!
I just had to include this picture of Tracy and Charlie because this face the Tracy is making cracks me up! I've seen her make this face more than once.

I include these pics because this soiree lasted until after midnight...those kids were wound up and I didn't think they would ever wind down!

okay, onto to the first official day of January - I pretty much was worthless!
nuff said.

The second day of January I spend getting all organized for the new year.
Planner in order,
Bill & receipt files cleaned out,
some crafting,
and I did laundry and such.

The third day was a little shopping trip to Melbourne...hit the scrapbook store that is closing.
40% off everything...including Thickers...who can resist???
I also began the Team Diptych project with this lovely chick, Mandie
Our word for the day was "change"
Here is what we came up with...
I'm on the left...I took this because of the wacky change of temperature we've been experiencing the last few days. Mandie did this cool ATC card.

Check out other diptychs on the Art Slam Flickr Pool.
I do love me some Flickr!
Thinking of doing the Pro account.

Brings me to today...the fourth day of January.
Church and a little scrapping and art journaling.
I did this page from Jann's Stash Diet challenge.
The idea is to use what you have in your scrapstash.
The theme was "this time next year" and extra points for a handmade title.
I cut mine out of woodgrain contact paper...man I luff that stuff!

Okay, so there is my recap of the year so far....

I still need to post some Christmas pics...I'm just so lazy and there are just so many!

Back to work tomorrow. ugh
I'm a little excited to see all my friends and colleagues but not looking forward to being all structured again.
It will be difficult to get my buns #1 in bed at a decent hour and #2 even harder to get them up at 6AM!

over and out.


Mandi said...

haha you did a recap of 09 already! You're so silly. But this is genius- it's much easier than waiting until the end! :) And I'm sooo with you on the woodgrain contact paper.

Lynne said...

I saw the 65 degrees posted in that picture and seriously thought about driving down to Arkie today...

Jann Gray said...

Looks like you all had the BEST time on New Year's Eve....cute group of kiddos -- loved their hats! Am so happy you are playing along with us on the Stash Diet Challenge! (btw -- I drew your name -- so send me your addy so I can send YOU some blooms!)