in honor of Elvis Birthday

Dang it I missed it earlier this week.
Elvis would have celebrated his 145th birthday this week (not really, but I don't honestly know how old he would be, so this is my attempt at sarcasm)

Anyway, I will be back later with a post about Elvis, a wig and a 7 year old.

Mind you I am not an Elvis fanatic - at all.
But I adore the 7 year old.

Right now, I am going to shop for a few bargains at Goody's.
They, like so many other companies are folding.

Hate it - it only means more people will be jobless.
Plus, I've become an Ashley Judd clothing line addict.
Hoping to find some super good markdowns.


Anonymous said...

can't wait for the pictures/video

Lynne said...

I discovered Goodys in Conway a couple of years ago - had some great deal! Nothing like that up here. Too bad it was regional and really too bad that they're on their way out! I'm not an Elvis fan either, but I saw Pricilla Presley on Larry King the other night and she said he would have been 74. 74?? Can you believe that? I remember the big news when he died - man we're all getting old!

Tommie (mom) said...

Well girls, Elvis was born in 1935 and I was born in 1945. Kim you should have asked your dear old mom how old he was I could had told you. I was and am a big fan. In the 60's, early 70's I would go and set at Graceland's gates and watch for him, I even wrote my name on the wall. I have been recording all the shows on him this week, on my dvr. Such a waste of great talent, him dying so young.
I, like Kim am a big fan of our little Elvis Joe, he is so talented. He not only does Elvis but I love hearing him sang his gospel music.

Karla Rush said...

Tommie, My mom loves Elvis music too. The Elvis records were about the only thing we played at home when I was a kid so I am a fan also, by default. We should have coffee one day and listen to 'the king' or maybe Joe Joe could come over and stand in for a few numbers! I would love that.