First Three Days

Yes, I realize it is December 5, but I have not completed today or yesterday.
I will be working on that tonight...promise!
I did want to go ahead and share what I've completed so far.
I'm really enjoying putting this together & I know it will be so cool to look back on, say like, next year!
So without further adieu:
This is the front again. This time you can see through the transparency to the first page.
[I will also attempt to list what I've used for each page, a la Ali].

Transparency with a chipboard snowflake with white acrylic paint and date stamp in lt. blue, red and black.

Here is the first page: December 1, 2008 (aka my 29th I mean, 39th birthday)
kraft paper with deco scissor edge, sharpie, my very favorite alpha stickers of all time: Scenic Route Black Berkely stickers. (I need to find more somewhere)

back of Page 1 and page 2:
photos and some journaling to document my day. I also added a little clear sticker "Celebrate" that I got from my Prend, Judy in my birthday goodies. page two is a small one: I used a piece of a Christmas card sample that I had gotten in the mail @ work. I usually get tons of these and throw them away...for some reason I kept this one with the pretty silver snowflakes. A piece of chipboard and silver glitter sticker. Self-Photo: Me. :)

Back side of Dec 2, just a bulleted list of the day's events with a sharpie.

Page 3 - Dec 3
used a paint chip swiped from a paint dept. sssshhhhh, don't tell. And sharpie on a piece of Christmas paper leftover from last year.

back of Dec. 3
One of my stamps on a piece of sticky backed paper. Also another clear word sticker - I hope to use those throughout this book.

I'll share more as I complete this little baby.

Now I leave you with a funny photo from today's lovely Friday Steering committee meeting at work. I am always snapping pictures so I can keep the blog/site documented with who is there, presenting, etc. While snapping a photo of one of my co-workers, I noticed another familiar face & camera on the compressed video TV.

Thought it was too funny not to share. :)

Tomorrow is our annual Christmas parade.
Prayers for pretty weather as I'll be taking lots of pictures.

...notice I switched up the font?
I decided it was an Arial kind of day.


MandieGirl said...

You're famous! :) I love your handwriting! SO cute!!! Aren't you glad Wednesday's over? I am! It's been great ever since!!!

Lynne said...

I love your artsy style - honestly it's really unique and can't be duplicated - cool! Do you think anybody else from 88 blogs?