Blog lazy

That's what I'm coining it anyway.
I've been so lazy in updating the blog since Christmas Eve.
I will catch up this week.
I'm nursing my sore wrists and fingers so it is difficult to type.
Why? you ask.

Guitar Hero will do that to you. Period.

I'm missing this tonight:
I took all the Christmas decor down today....until next year.
Usually it doesn't bother me and I'm always ready to get it out, but I truly enjoyed the tree and few decorations I had out, so I'm a little sad.
2009 is upon us,
which makes me say "Dang!" in my best Joe Dirt.

Merry "Week-Between-Christmas-and-New-Year's-Eve"


ncwdust said...

Your tree was so pretty.

Happy week between to you as well!

Lynne said...

I'm missing it already too - I told Tony I am tempted to leave the tree up until Jan...a good book, a hot chocolate and the tree. Love it!!