she crafted

I have seen so much Christmas craft inspiration as of late on the world wide web.
So much in fact that my head is swimming with lots of ideas that I want to try out.

Wreaths seem to be the most popular items to craft.

Since I have started utilizing my Google Reader and subscribe to every artsy-craftsy blog known to man (or woman) I have found some really good ones that I attempt to check out with every new posting.

Especially those with new handrafted eye candy.

One such blog: A Foothill Home Companion is filled with the eye candy I speak of.
And yesterday there were these great little origami stars with a link to the video tutorial.
I watched - amazed at how simply they went together.
Well I immediately pulled down one of my Anthropologie catalogs and my paper trimmer and went to town.

With some trial and error, I came up with several of these little cuties and put together this tonight.

How cute is this?
A little wreath ornament! Yea!
There are so many possibilities with these.
There is even an Etsy shop dedicated to making these into jewelry.
clever? yes!

Now I realize it may not be Martha Stewart worthy and my little stars are far from perfect, but I love it & it is now hanging on my tree - with is also not Martha worthy -OR- perfect either!


MandieGirl said...

That is so precious! I love it, and it looks fantastic-who cares about Martha freakin' Stewart? (ok, fine. I do. ;))

Anonymous said...

really nice!