Thanksgiving #3

Finally completed the Thanksgiving circuit!
This time close to home - at Mom's.
We pretty much all get together for Sunday lunch every Sunday after church.
This Sunday we simply celebrated with a Thanksgiving dinner and my birthday!

I wanted a picture of myself with the little cousins, Joe & Jake.

I'm obviously not "picture worthy" for Jake.
He seriously freaked out and cried!
Oh well...fickle men!
Here is Joe & me.
He is precious!
Those kiddos gave me some fantastic gifts!
Seriously I collect a particular yellow pottery made by a local potter.
Here is a post I did earlier this year from Ashley Wren's Overlooked project regarding said collection.
Jake gave me a set of six napkin rings and Joe gave me a cute little toothpick holder...both were items I needed!
I was stoked about receiving such great gifts with so much thought.
I could actually list every single gift I received and say the same thing.
I am so blessed to be surrounded by such awesome family & friends.
I'm blessed and sometimes I wonder if I'm worthy of such generosity & love!

Anyway....on to the TG#3 pics:

Another Matt & Alex photo.
Aren't they adorable???

My Aunt Kathi (who just celebrated her birthday) and Uncle Robert or "Ra-Ra" as I called him when I was a little girl, prior to the feast.
Mom & Joe acting like a couple of clowns!And here's my fave of the day:
I am thinking Joe is loving Aunt "Khacki's" mashed 'taters! :)

Here is a little "post-Thanksgiving meal photo.
We've all been there Robert!

I captured the elusive Jake while he was playing.
Check out the new "ink" we put on his forearm.
He's a rockstar ya know.All-in-all it was a fantastic ending to a Thanksgiving holiday.
I have so much to be thankful for.

I thought it only fair to post another picture of Nutmeg getting (or giving, whichever way you look at it) some love from her new Mommy, Joyce!
How precious is that???

And I would be remiss if I didn't post a picture of Schatzi.
Schatzi is Meg's "big brother".
Schatzi is a rescued long hair dachshund that Joyce adopted several years ago.
He is so sweet & loves the camera I might add!
He was abused at one time, but is now living heaven on earth!
What a great day it has been. I've had so many phone calls, emails, Facebook messages and cards wishing me a Happy Birthday. I love birthdays...even though I'm facing exactly one year until....ssssshhhhhhh the big 4-0. ugh.

I've also taken a couple of photos and have some thoughts for my December 1 daily for little album.

good times....good times!


Anonymous said...

Wow You take incredible photos.
Looks like such a good time, i wish I was there....

Lynne said...

Gosh - I tried to read your new post 3 times today and something would always happen and I'd get distracted...until now! Great post, pictures and darn it Happy Belated birthday! (I hope I didn't already post that under your earlier post becuase that would be dorky, but if I did then happy birthday twice!! I hope you had a great day. Are you still doing those daily blessings? I love those - in fact I need to post a new simple pleasure...or anything really. I haven't blogged for over a week.

Lynne said...

PS) Apparently I can't spell the word 'because'.