twas the week or so before Christmas...

and I've been taking pictures like a madwoman!
Between my picture of the day I'm doing over at SIStv and my December Daily - which I realize I have not posted but I am doing every day or every other day - I'm snapping even more than usual.

I just thought I would post some from my last few days:
In fact, I'm simply going to post without descriptions.
Sometimes just a visual is all that is needed!
These are chronological from Saturday through today...
We have had ice and some snow since Monday AM.
No work again tomorrow - evidently the roads are pretty treacherous.
Not that I would know as I've not left the house since coming back home from work yesterday AM.


Lynne said...

I love how you catch the moment in your photos...awesome. They're really good!!

ncwdust said...

Love the photos! Do love to see photos of Alex too! She is so pretty and shows her individuality!

Anonymous said...

wonderful pictures!

Mandi said...

Oh I wish I was doing that daily! It's too late to start now! But it would motivate me to take pictures of the daily. You're doing so well!!