so many birthdays!!!!!

December is heavy in birthdays for our family.
Beginning on the 1st with mine....ending on the 31st with Alex's....
...and seems like one a day in between.

Sometimes two!

Yesterday was a celebratory day for many of those birthdays.
Granted some were not actually on the 12th, but we there's no rules anywhere in any official "birthday rulebooks" that you cannot celebrate your day of birth on another date.
Is there?
I hope not after I've made such a bold statement.

I spent a great day with several important women in my life, two of which are having birthdays this month. (three if you count me.)
I know I've blogged about mom's birthday but I did want to share this lovely photo of her.
My Granny DeShazo will have her 87th birthday on the 15th.
She was amuzed over something when I took this picture.
I love it!

We (mom, Granny, Judy & I) were sitting around Mom's kitchen table enjoying a delicious piece of mom's fresh banana cake and a cup of coffee (or milk for Mom).
It was a good moment in time.
Especially seeing Granny laugh and smile.
So glad I spent the day with those chicks!

Fast forward to the evening....
we had a little get together at my boss's home.
Great food and friends.
I didn't get many good photos though unfortunately.

Except for this little cutie patootie:
Ms. Annie Grace, who was attending with her Gram Karla and PawPaw Fred.

I just had to share this photo of George and Nancy listening ever-so-intently to a Fred Rush joke.

He is quite the joke teller.
Fred can make the dumbest jokes hilarious.
As Nancy said, it's his "delivery".

After leaving Dr. J's, we drove over to the Tally Ho for this chick's Big 3-0!!!!
And it was her official birthday I might add.
I love her hat!
Brandi is so photogenic I think!
Apparently that is where Molly gets her photogenicness.
(Yes, I realize that's not a real word)

There was like 30 people at the surprise dinner.

I have converted all these to B&W because of the weird-dim lighting in the restaurant.

It was also this guy's 30th birthday
Happy Birthday John David!
Molly had to help him blow out his candle!
She also helped him eat his cake.
It was too funny!

I tried to get photos of everyone but was not successful.

I will share some of the ones I took starting with
John David & Tiffany:
Cody & Amy:
Cline & Ashley:
Alex & Tracy:
Alex, Gabby & Tracy.
(Gabby is so pretty I think! Actually, they are all three pretty, I think!)
Gabby is an exchange student from Brazil who is staying with Tracy & her mom, Toni.

I love this shot looking down one end of the birthday table.
You can see Molly's little face sticking up above the table.
When we arrived back home, I knew I wanted to capture a photo of the moon since it was at it's biggest and brightest for the year.
Mind you this photo doesn't do it justice.
It was so bright last night.

So bright in fact that there were deer out EVERYWHERE!
We drove really slow on the way home because they were all over the place.
We made it without a hitch.
One of my co-workers was not so lucky.
As he was taking his niece home, who had been babysitting, a deer came through their windshield and she is in the hospital.
Pray for her speedy recovery.

Amazing the damage these beautiful creatures can do.

More birthdays to celebrate this month.
stay tuned.


MOM said...

Kim thanks for the great birthday. I am so lucky God gave me such a wonderful daughter. Love the picture of Granny, she was having a good day. I enjoyed our girls day out, so glad you joined us. Looks like Brandy had a good birthday. Love the picture of the moon, it was beautiful, God is the best artist.

Anonymous said...

WOW your photos are delicious, as always. Love your Mom's and Grandma's the best.

Karla Rush said...

You are such a great recorder of events, capturing the emotions and I always feel like I'm a part of whatever you take pictures and share. Annie had fun at the party. She slept about 11 hours that night.