happy hump day

This week has been one of those short yet long weeks, KWIM???

I have failed to photograph the December Daily, but I assure it is pretty well caught up...well except yesterday and today.
Not bad for a chronic procrastinator, huh?

Just a short blog recap of the past two days.

Yesterday was the "best-mom-in-the-world's" birthday.
Yes this woman:I was happy she got to just relax and hang out at home, watch movies, take a nap, put up Christmas decorations, have lunch fixed for her, and have tons of calls from everyone who loves her.

She is deserving of that and so much more!

{ Love you mom!!! :) }

FFWD to today:
freezing dang cold!
icy windows - chance of snow....no go!
Christmas reception at work in Melbourne.
These chicks who make my work life a pleasure:
They are awesome and fun and I'm blessed to call them not only my "department" but also my friends.
Observation for the week: I'm living up to the woolly mammoth look in every group picture. Case in point today and the previous post.


ncwdust said...

Maybe you shouldn't wear 3 inch heels when you have your photo made with us.... you don't seem that much taller than us...taller yes, but dang, girl, you look tall!

Great photo though...we all look good.

erin said...

hi kim,
found your blog via sis. i got to spend today with my mom, too. just love her. so happy to see you and your mom are close, too.
you photograph very nicely. watcha talking about?
erin yamabe

Anonymous said...

I love that toothless grin. You look like your mom.

you are so beautiful!